Library Wine Tasting

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Book your very own private wine tasting!

We offer you a selection of 6 different wines to try from all over the world. In the selection will be 3 red wines as well as 3 white wines, one of which is a sparkling white wine as a welcome drink and your first wine. At the end of the tasting we offer each guest a full glass of the wine they enjoyed the most.

During the wine tasting we will give you the background story about each of the wines as well as suggestions for pairings that bring out the best flavor in the wine. Also available will be bread and oil to cleanse the pallet as well as cheese and cured meats that pair with the wines.

The whole wine tasting lasts between 1-1.5 hours depending on the speed which you want to proceed.

Please note that a minimum booking for 2 people is necessary to schedule a wine tasting. Contact us via e-mail/Facebook/WhatsApp for groups larger than 8.

We are very flexible so if you have any special requests or needs please do not hesitate to mention them. You can put your requests into the order comments or contact us via e-mail at

We hope to host you soon for a wine tasting at The Library Club!


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