Private Wine Tasting

There are thousands of different grapes, hundreds of different flavors and aromas, and a countless number of countries that produce wine. How do you know which wines you will like best? Or choose at a restaurant off a menu of 50 different bottles?


Try, try, and try again of course! We can offer you the possibility to do a private wine tasting with you and your friends in a relaxed environment. We offer a standard arrangement of 6 different wines from around the world with bread and oil to cleanse your pallet in-between. We also offer the possibility of a tailored experience based upon the size of your group and which wines you would like to taste. In addition, we can bring the wine tasting to you at your chosen location.

From serious staff training, birthday parties, to fun wine tasting, we will turn your special moment into a lasting memory! Please contact us via e-mail and we can discuss the possibilities with you.

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